How To Make Your Dental Visit Tear-Free

Kids aren't usually happy about going to the dentist. They may feel a little apprehensive, and you may end up with a few tears along the way. You can make your child's dental visit less worrisome with a few helpful tips, and hopefully tear-free. See below for some helpful tips to use next time your child has a dental appointment.

Prep Your Kids

Taking them to the dentist by surprise isn't the way to go. Tell them ahead of time that they are going to go to the dentist and what will happen at the dentist. You can show them that they will sit them down in a chair and how the dentist will be inspecting their teeth, and will be cleaning them as well. Let them play pretend and have your child look at your teeth. Teach your child that going to the dentist is a positive thing. Talk about the dentist in a positive way, and about what really cool tools he has to use.

Set A Good Example

You should also be seeing the dentist for regular checkups. If your child sees you going as well, there may not be as much fear. Even if you feel anxiety about going to the dentist, do not let it show to your child.

Brushing Regularly

You should be flossing and brushing regularly at home, as should your children. Practicing good dental health at home will mean a smoother dental visit for everyone. This will mean less cavities and dental issues. A smooth dental visit will ensure no tears will be shed. Show your children the proper way to brush and floss and allow them to do these things by themselves. You can do a quick touch-up when they're done.

Make Their Visit Fun

Point out objects around the dental office and tell them how cool and amazing they are. Show them the dental chair and how cool it is that it lays flat like a bed. Be sure to give plenty of praise while the dentist works on your child's teeth. Tell your child what a good job they are doing and how proud of them you are. If they are having fun and are confident, they will be less worried and nervous.

In addition to the helpful tips above, choosing a good dentist goes a long way in whether or not your child's visit will be tear-free. Choose a dental clinic like Adams Dental Center that works well with children and can help make the appointment a little more fun for your child.