Oral-Friendly Snack: Try Some Oral-Enhancing Stuffed Cucumber Cups

Need to make your family a snack, but out of ideas? Well, what if you could make something that is both oral-enhancing and different? The following recipe might do the trick, as it will help your family's oral health and satisfy their taste buds.

Dental-Friendly Secrets In Your Stuffed-Cucumber Cups

You should pay attention to the following ingredients:

Aged Cheese

You may know that calcium is very important for your teeth, since your teeth are mostly made up of calcium. Cheese contains a good amount of calcium, but aged cheeses--like Gouda--contain another special ingredient that is usually not talked about called vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is used to pinpoint areas in the body that need calcium, like your teeth. Vitamin K2 is there to help teeth recalcify if they have been attacked by oral pathogens, which makes aged cheese a wonderful addition to this recipe.

Fermented Vegetables

The next ingredient that you want to pay attention to is fermented vegetables. You can find fermented vegetables in your local health food store or farmer's market. Fermented vegetables contain several oral-friendly ingredients, like traces of vitamin K2 and probiotics. Probiotics are helpful because they help kill oral pathogens by rebalancing the pH value in your mouth. Most oral pathogens need an acidic environment to survive. Probiotics also feed on bad bacteria.


You probably did not know that tomatoes are good for teeth, but they are. Tomatoes contain an active ingredient called malic acid. Malic acid is slightly astringent, which should help lift stains from the surface of your teeth. Malic acid also helps with salivation by stimulating the salivary glands. This is helpful because saliva contains enzymes that kill oral pathogens and help remineralize teeth.

Remember that these ingredients are only meant to help and prevent dental ailments, and not as a replacement for family dentistry. Be sure to keep up with your family's regular dental appointments.

Make Your Stuffed-Cucumber Cups

You will need the following:

  • A fresh cucumber, sliced at least 2 inches thick
  • 1 avocado
  • Your choice of aged cheese
  • Fermented vegetables
  • 1 diced tomato


  1. Make the sliced cucumber into cups by digging the pulp out.
  2. Stuff each cucumber cup with a little avocado.
  3. Add some cheese.
  4. Stuff a little of your fermented vegetables into the cups.
  5. Top the cups with tomatoes, and enjoy.

Now you see how simple it is to impress your family and take care of their oral health, too. Talk to a family dentist like the ones at Lindsey Metcalf M DDS & Robert Dalton B DDS for more recommendations.