Affordable Dentistry

If you are looking into dental care for your family, then you probably want a dentist that is affordable, effective, and likable. Life is hard enough without spending a fortune on cavities and cleanings that aren't even done properly. To aid you in your search, here is a list of things to consider when looking for affordable dental options:

Installment Plans

One of the most effective and least appreciated tools at your disposal is the installment plan. Many people will struggle to pay for expensive dental procedures that insurance is too stingy to cover. However, the cost might actually be a lot more manageable if it was distributed over several months. An installment plan might make that critical root canal entirely possible.

First, check the advertisements for the dentist in question. If you don't see any installment plans offer, you should still ask the dentist anyway. They might be willing to reach an arrangement with you. Even if the advertisement does list some, you should still ask if there are any other options or if the installment plan policies have changed since the creation of the ad. You want to have as much information as possible before committing.

Alternatives to Private Practitioners

You should also consider options other than private dentists. In many cases, you can save a great deal of money by getting your procedures done at a clinic, charity, or dental school.

  • Clinics - In many low-income areas, clinics will offer services at a greatly reduced cost. In some cases, you might need to show documentation before receiving care. If you do qualify, then a clinic can give you effective dental healthcare at a fraction of the cost that you might pay at a private practice.
  • Charities - Some dental associations will organize charities from time to time in different areas. Check to see if any will be in your area soon. Although it is difficult to schedule all of your dental health needs to correspond with charity dates, you can get cheap and easy cleanings and checkups, which can easily prevent more expensive problems later on down the road.
  • Dental Schools - Finally, dental schools will often offer services at reduced costs to individuals willing to be worked on by students or as a demonstration. Although it might be difficult if you are uncomfortable with the idea of a dental student working on your mouth, getting your dental services at a dental school not only serves your healthcare needs, but also serves to further the education of many aspiring doctors.

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