4 Cosmetic Dental Applications to Beautify Your Smile

If your smile is not as attractive as you would like, due to problems with the appearance of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry applications may help. Cosmetic dentistry is not used to restore your oral health, but it may boost your confidence and self-esteem. Here are a few cosmetic dental applications that can be used to beautify your smile:

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth appear yellow or dark, dental bleaching may whiten them. However, the amount of whitening that can be achieved by bleaching is often dependent on the type of staining present. Surface stains, such as those from darkly colored food or drink, may respond well to dental bleaching. However, discoloration that arises from the use of medication or from heavy trauma may develop deep inside your tooth and cannot be bleached away.

Teeth whitening is caused by peroxide-based solutions that bleach stains. If an application is applied in your dentist's office, it tends to be safer. The peroxide gels used in a professional environment are often designed not to go too deeply into the pores of your teeth, which can aggravate dental nerves and cause dental sensitivity. In addition, an ultraviolet light may be used to enhance the whitening effects of the application. 

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can be used to make a smile look white and uniform by covering discolorations, cracks, chips, malformations and misalignments. The veneers are made of thin slivers of porcelain or resin and are applied directly to the surface of your teeth. 


Full or partial dentures can be used to replace missing teeth that leave large gaps in your smile. Modern dentures are often difficult to discern from natural teeth. The dentures are removable and are typically held in place with denture adhesive. Overdentures fit over remaining teeth or dental implants for stabilization.

Dental Implants

Among tooth replacement options, dental implants offer the most natural appearance and functionality. An implant replaces each portion of a natural tooth. The implant screw serves as the root, and the dental crown replaces the natural crown of the tooth. An abutment connects the two components.

The implant screw actually fuses with your jawbone, so it is stable and long-lasting.

If you would like to improve the look of your smile, there are multiple cosmetic dental applications available. Schedule an appointment with a local dentist, such as Tukwila Dental Center, to determine which applications may be right for you.