4 Tips For Keeping Teeth White By Dropping Coffee Without Losing Your Mind

Having a cup of coffee every morning is a common ritual for many people, but it can have negative effects on your teeth–leading to stains that can be difficult to remove without extensive teeth whitening treatments. Instead of giving up your morning caffeine or scheduling routine teeth whitening services that can get expensive, there are a number of things that you can do on your own to extend the amount of time in between whitening services so that your teeth look great.

Switch to a Less Staining Alternative to Caffeine

Instead of drinking coffee whenever you need a boost of energy, consider drinking tea instead. By steeping the tea for a longer period and choosing tees that have a high caffeine content, you can get a similar effect to coffee without the staining that you may be used to. Experimenting with different types of tea can help you find what you like best, allowing you to get a good boost in the morning without the use of coffee.

Leave Extensive Whitening Procedures to the Professionals

Many people try DIY teeth lightening methods, only to discover that they're damaging their teeth by being too abrasive and removing necessary enamel on the teeth. By leaving these procedures to professionals, you can make sure that your teeth look as white as possible without causing any negative effects.

Add Straws to Any Potentially Staining Drinks

Whenever you drink anything that could cause damage to your teeth, such as a sweet fruit punch, it's a good idea to add a straw. While you may not be used to using a straw for every drink, this can make a big difference in the amount of staining you see with your teeth and the frequency you'll need professional teeth whitening.

Rely on Caffeine Pills Instead

If you're having difficulty adjusting to a life without coffee due to caffeine withdrawals and have found that tea doesn't provide the same 'awake' mood as coffee, consider taking a caffeine pill instead. Without any harmful effects to your teeth and easy to take, it's a quick way to get a boost of energy.

Visiting a dentist for teeth whitening services can make a big difference in your confidence with your smile, allow you to enjoy a bright white smile. With the above tips in mind, you can avoid needing teeth whitening services on a regular basis and still enjoy a bright smile.

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