Considering An Electronic Toothbrush? Know These 3 Things

You may be thinking about switching from your manual toothbrush to one that is electric to help ensure your teeth stay healthy. There are a few things you should know when it comes to electronic toothbrushes, since they are not all equal. Be aware of these 3 things before you buy.

Know They Could Cause Problems If You Have A Heart Condition

Using an electronic toothbrush will be a great way to reduce the levels of plaque inside your mouth. They can also be gentle on your gums if you apply a lot of pressure when you use your manual brush. Even with those two things in mind, studies suggest that an electronic toothbrush has a drawback of increasing the bacteria found in your bloodstream.

If you have a healthy immune system and great cardiovascular health, this is nothing to be concerned about. For those people that have a heart condition, consider sticking to a manual brush until researchers are able to offer a definitive answer on if electronic toothbrushes can put you at a high risk of potentially developing a heart infection.

Select A Toothbrush With Rotation-Oscillation

While many electronic toothbrushes advertise their ultra-sonic capabilities that can vibrate at an incredibly high frequency, know that this may not make for the most effective brushing experience. The key is actually the direction of the brush's movement rather than how fast the brush moves.

A toothbrush with rotation-oscillation is a model that moves the brush in two different directions, switching between a counterclockwise and clockwise rotation. This makes it much more effective at how well it cleans. Studies show that the brushes that have rotation-oscillation perform significantly better when it comes to reducing gingivitis when compared to a sonic toothbrush. 

Select A Toothbrush With A Solid Head

A concern you should have with your toothbrush is sanitation. Bacteria does collect on a toothbrush over time, but you may have the misconception that every toothbrush has the exact same risk when it comes to this issue. You may not be aware that certain types of electric toothbrush heads can have a larger risk compared to others.

If the head of the toothbrush is hollow, it can retain more bacteria than one that has a solid head. The info about the type of head is not always available, so do your research before purchasing to find out what kind of head the toothbrush uses.

Still have questions about your upcoming electronic toothbrush purchase? Ask your dentist for more information.