The Purpose And Construction Of Dental Veneers

When it comes to treating discolored, damaged, or otherwise unsightly teeth, dental veneers are one of the best cosmetic options currently available. Yet many people shy away from veneers simply because they do not understand what they consist of or how they are utilized. If you would like to learn more about this versatile technique, read on. This article will provide a useful overview to the subject of dental veneers.

The Basics

A dental veneer is essentially a thin, attractive shell affixed to the front face of a less than appealing tooth. This shell is made out of either porcelain or a substance known as composite resin, both of which are durable and capable of withstanding the sorts of chewing pressures exerted over many years. It is bonded to the tooth by means of a special dental cement.

Using veneers, a tooth's appearance can be changed in terms of its length, width, color, and overall shape. This allows veneers to function as a cosmetic upgrade for a wide variety of tooth problems. In fact, this technique is so versatile that it can effectively mask everything from cracked teeth, to poor alignment, to large interdental gaps. In other words, a veneer can restore normal appearance to those suffering from virtually any type of cosmetic issue.

Veneer Construction

As noted above, veneers can be constructed from one of two substances: composite resin or porcelain. Many people prefer porcelain for its ability to mimic the look and gloss of true dental enamel. In addition to providing excellent durability, and a long lifespan, porcelain veneers also boast a superior ability to resist staining from substances such as wine and coffee.

Composite resin veneers are becoming a more and more population option, thanks to improvements in the techniques used to color them to match existing teeth. While they still do not offer quite the same lifespan as porcelain veneers, they are much less costly. They can also be fabricated and installed in a much shorter span of time, making them a great option for those who hope to correct their cosmetic issue as quickly as possible.

Veneers Compared To Implants

Implants are another common choice when it comes to repairing damaged teeth. Yet it is important to realize that implants are meant to fulfill not just a cosmetic function, but a structural one as well. In other words, implants are generally reserved for cases where the damage is more serious, or is beginning to cause complications when it comes to things like eating and speaking properly. Implants are also a much more involved form of dental repair--one that will end up costing much more than veneers. 

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