What To Do If You Suffer From Chronic Canker Sores

Canker sores are sores that develop inside a person's mouth. They are painful and can swell up and cause irritation; however, they typically are not harmful. Some people rarely develop canker sores in their mouths, but there are also people who have chronic canker sores. If you have chronic canker sores, there are several things you should know.

The Cause of Canker Sores

Most people do not even know the cause of canker sores, and researchers are not even fully sure what causes them, but they do know that there are certain factors that can be labeled causes of canker sores.

For example, if you wear dentures and have a set that does not fit perfectly, they could rub against your cheeks and could cause you to develop canker sores. People also get canker sores from the toothpaste or mouthwash products they use and from skin conditions.

Treatment for Canker Sores

If you develop canker sores often and do not know why or how to treat them, you should know that no treatment is usually needed. In most cases, canker sores will go away on their own; however, there are times when dentists will recommend the use of corticosteroids to treat these sores.

Dentists may also recommend gargling with warm salt water or mouthwash. When you gargle with these ingredients, it can soothe and heal a canker sore faster, but it probably will not stop you from getting more in the future.

When You Should Be Concerned

Canker sores do not turn into cancerous cells, which means you should not worry about the ones you get. If you get them often, you could visit a dentist to see what you should do about it, and you should also visit a dentist if the sore will not go away or appears to be spreading.

There are times when people develop other types of sores in their mouths, and they may think these sores are canker sores. Unfortunately, there are sores that can develop in your mouth that are not canker sores. Instead, they can be more harmful types of sores that could turn into cancer. If you have a spot in your mouth that does not seem like a canker sore, you should probably get it checked out.

While canker sores are normal and are not harmful, other types of mouth sores can be harmful. If you have a problem like this in your mouth, contact a dentist office today.