Dental Problems You May Eventually Need To Address

While patients will often focus on cavities and missing teeth, there are a number of issues that patients may experience. Being informed about both the causes and the treatment options for these problems will be essential to limiting the damage that occurs to your mouth.

Worsening Tooth Sensitivity

Patients are often under the impression that tooth sensitivity is strictly the result of cavities. While cavities can weaken the exterior enamel of the tooth and make sensitivity worse, this is not the only issue that may be the cause of the tooth sensitivity. For example, it is also possible for gum disease, chips and thinning enamel to contribute to this discomfort. When the sensitivity is the result of damage to the enamel, dental bonding may be used to better insulate the nerve of the tooth. If the cause of the sensitivity is due to thinning gums, a graft of gum tissue may be needed to cover the root of the tooth.

Grinding Your Teeth

Excessively clinching your jaws and grinding your teeth can be a common response to be angry, stressed or sad. Some individuals may also do this when they are sleeping. While it might seem like this is a serious dental issue, grinding can be remarkably damaging to your teeth. Prolonged grinding can result in the teeth shifting positions and cracking along with causing intense pain. Correcting this issue can be difficult due to it being an ingrained habit that you may not notice. There are mouthpieces that can be worn to prevent you from being able to grind your teeth.

Persistent Bad Breath

Bad breath can be extremely unpleasant, and it may also make it difficult for you to form intimate relationships with others. Unfortunately, chronic bad breath can indicate potentially serious dental problems. Gum disease and undiagnosed tooth decay are among the most common causes of this problem. Additionally, individuals that have failed to undergo their regular cleanings may develop this problem due to the presence of tartar and plaque.

Swollen Areas Of The Gums

Localized swelling of the gums can be a painful problem that indicates a serious issue. Often, this can indicate an abscess has formed. An abscess is a type of localized infection that can be extremely damaging to the gums and teeth. Over time, the abscess can grow in size, which may lead to it spreading deeper into the jaw. Your dentist may need to drain the abscess and administer antibiotics.

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