Don’t Worry If Your Dentist Doesn’t Offer Same-Day Implants

If you're leaning toward getting dental implants and you've started to research the procedure online, you'll undoubtedly come across some clinics that advertise same-day services. Generally, you get dental implants over a series of appointments with gaps between them, but some clinics are able to perform the entire process in just one visit. If your local dental clinic doesn't offer same-day implants, this isn't a reason for concern, however. Here are some reasons that you shouldn't worry if your dentist doesn't offer same-day implants.

Not Everyone Is A Good Candidate

For a dental patient to be eligible for same-day implants, a lot of factors need to be present. Mainly, the patient needs to have a healthy amount of bone in his or her jaw — which is something that many implant candidates lack. When your dentist puts the post in your jaw that the implant will attach to, the jaw bone will generally need to grow around the post to ensure that it's sturdily in place. It's only the candidates who have a lot of healthy bone who can get same-day implants because they don't require this process of the bone growing around the post. Even if your dentist were to offer same-day implants, you might lack the bone that is necessary.

Several Appointments Can Be More Pleasant

If a dental patient gets same-day implants, he or she is in for a long day at the dentist. While the end result will be pleasing, the process of spending a considerable percentage of the day — especially if multiple implants are necessary — may be less than desirable. If your dentist doesn't do same-day implants, you'll have this procedure done over the course of several appointments. You may find that a number of short appointments that are well spaced out may be more appealing to you.

You Have More Time To Get Used To Them

Same-day implants mean that the look and feel of your mouth will change dramatically in just one day. There's certainly value to this idea, but don't shun the idea of multiple appointments, either. If you need to get your implants over several appointments, you'll have the benefit of slowly getting used to the implants. For example, when you first get your posts, you'll have some time to adapt to how they feel before the crowns are put in place. For some people, this slower process can be more suitable.

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