Why Is It Difficult To Wear Lipstick With Invisalign?

Over the course of your treatment, Invisalign corrects the alignment of your teeth. This has two main benefits: improving the functionality and general performance of your teeth and improving their appearance by straightening them. But there are other, more cosmetic ways in which you might want to change your appearance, and you might not have thought about how this can be affected by your Invisalign treatment. Why is it so hard to wear lipstick during your Invisalign treatment?

Lipstick on Your Teeth

Getting lipstick on your teeth is a fairly common problem. It can easily be wiped off, and drinking water, along with the presence of your saliva, will help to minimize the problem. But it's a different matter when the lipstick is smeared onto your Invisalign aligner. This is because the two surfaces (and their tendency to retain the lipstick) are different. Your teeth are coated by dental enamel, whereas when you're wearing your Invisalign, your teeth are encased in a thermoplastic aligner.

Softer Colors

Lipstick on your aligners will be far more obvious, and it won't be quite as easy to remove. Does this mean that you shouldn't wear lipstick for the duration of your Invisalign treatment? It's not quite so straightforward. Logically, softer-colored lipsticks will leave a softer-colored residue on your aligners, which won't be quite so obvious, although it can still be fairly noticeable. Noticeable or not, will it damage your aligners?

Cleaning the Thermoplastic

Lipstick is not destructive to the thermoplastic, and the problem is largely aesthetic. You can remove any lipstick residue from the aligners during the brief period each day when you remove them. They can be wiped clean using a paper tissue or cotton ball. Don't use any type of astringent, as this can easily damage the thermoplastic. Still, it can be incredibly annoying to have to do this each time you want to wear lipstick.

The Best Type of Lip Color

The nature of your cosmetics can greatly improve your situation. Upgrade to a lip stain, which is absorbed into the skin, as opposed to lipstick, which simply sits atop the skin. Time the application of your lip stain so that it takes place during the brief time each day when you remove your aligners. When you finish eating (which is the primary reason for removing the aligners), apply a lip stain. This will quickly dry, and then you can reinsert your aligners. The color should not transfer to the aligners. 

For some people, not being able to wear lipstick might seem like a small price to pay for a greatly improved smile. But when lipstick is important to you, it's helpful to know how Invisalign can affect it.

For more information about Invisalign, talk to your dentist.