Recuperating After An Impacted Wisdom Tooth Is Removed

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth that needs to be removed from your mouth, you need to undergo a surgical procedure to have it safely extracted. This procedure is done in the comfort of your practitioner's office but will require that you are sedated while it is conducted. Here are steps to take after your surgery to ensure a successful recovery.

Bring Someone Along For The Surgery 

It is important that you have someone with you at your dentist's office when you have your surgical procedure conducted. Since you will be under general anesthesia for the surgery, you will be quite a bit groggy after your tooth is removed. This person will be needed to give you a ride home as it is not safe to do so yourself. They will also be available to help you obtain prescription medication for pain if your dentist does not provide it to you on-site.

Keep On Top Of Your Condition During Recovery

You are likely to want to rest quite a bit after surgery. It is important to monitor your condition while you recover. This way, if a problem arises, you will know to contact your dentist for a follow-up appointment if needed. Your dentist will likely provide you with a list of actions to take when healing. This may include the application of gauze to the area where sutures are present to help remove the blood and to keep the area clean and dry. You will be told how long to wait until you can eat or drink after the surgery. When you have an extraction conducted, you will not be able to smoke for several days after the surgery, as well.

Take It Slow When You Start To Eat And Drink

After the allotted time for refraining from eating or drinking has passed, it is best to start the process slowly so you do not cause pain to occur in the area where your tooth was located. Eat on the other side of your mouth to prevent food crumbs from becoming trapped in the area where surgery was conducted. Only place small amounts of food or water into your mouth. Avoid spicy foods, as they could cause distress to the area where your tooth was removed. Start by eating soft foods such as applesauce, mashed potatoes, or pudding. You can slowly add foods with more substance if you fare well with softer foods.

For more information, ask your dentist about tooth extraction surgery.