Planning To Extract Wisdom Teeth? Here’s Why This Is An Important Step

When wisdom teeth start to appear, either during your teen or early adulthood, they can result in significant oral complications. In most cases, family dentists advise patients with such teeth to have them removed, even though most people don't take this advice seriously. If you doubt whether it's necessary to remove such teeth, this guide highlights why you shouldn't hesitate to see a professional.

Partially Or Fully Trapped Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Dental Problems

Most people assume that because wisdom teeth have not erupted from the gums, they won't cause any problems. However, this is far from the truth because such teeth can grow sideways, pushing the molars and causing severe tooth pain. Cysts can also form on teeth that are partially trapped, resulting in nerve damage when left untreated.

You're At Risk Of Periodontal Disease Or May Need Orthodontic Care 

When wisdom teeth erupt, they can force other teeth to shift. This creates sections between your teeth that you can't reach easily when you brush or floss. Such areas become a hiding place for bacteria that cause tooth decay and eventual loss. Erupting wisdom teeth can also lead to tooth crowding of adjacent dentitions. They'll even cause your teeth to lose alignment over time. So, timely removal means you'll never have to worry about needing braces for tooth alignment.

Minimizes The Possibility of Tooth Infection

Given that your wisdom teeth push other teeth as they grow, they can cause tooth infection. The pressure can also irritate your gums and expose them to tooth decay or tooth loss. When you remove wisdom teeth on time, you're less likely to have an oral infection.

Time Removal Of Wisdom Teeth Prevents Damage To Adjacent Teeth

If you don't remove wisdom teeth on time, the pressure on the adjacent teeth can weaken the roots and leave them vulnerable to cavities. Remember that even when such teeth partly appear on top of the gum, they can be challenging to clean. Additionally, they can grind away the enamel of surrounding teeth leading to bone loss. Removing them on time ensures that you part with the uncomfortable and expensive root canal procedure.

If you notice wisdom teeth that are partially or fully trapped, ensure that you seek the timely services of family dentistry services. Without their help, you are likely to suffer from different oral complications. Your doctor will simply cut the teeth into sections and extract them to relieve dental complications.