4 Things To Know About Self-Ligating Braces

Have you met with an orthodontist that has recommended you get self-ligating braces, but you don't know much about them? Then you'll definitely want to know about how these braces are different from using traditional brackets. 

Self-Ligating Braces Use Latches

Self-ligating refers to the method that is used to secure the archwire to the brackets. There is a small latch on the front side of the bracket that the archwire slips into. The latch then closes over the archwire to hold it all together. This latch method ends up creating less friction than traditional brackets, which can make the braces feel more comfortable during the treatment process. 

Traditional brackets use a different style of brackets that do not have a latch mechanism on them. Instead, the archwire is held in place with elastic bands that put pressure on the archwire. 

Self-Ligating Braces Will Have Quick Adjustment Appointments

You will need to return to the dentist regularly to have adjustments made to your braces to get your teeth moving in the right direction. However, you should be aware that those adjustment appointments are going to go much faster with self-ligating braces. This is due to how the braces open and close easily, which makes the adjustment process a breeze for your orthodontist. 

Self-ligating braces may also result in needing fewer appointments to make the necessary adjustments. While it is not always a guarantee based on your individual treatment plan, you should know that it is possible. 

Self-Ligating Braces Can Cost More Money

The advantages of self-ligating braces do come with a price. You can expect to pay more for self-ligating braces because they are newer and offer several advantages over traditional brackets. Always ask your orthodontist about the price difference so that you can decide if it is worth it to you. If they are not within your budget, then you'll need to go with traditional braces instead. 

Self-Ligating Braces Look The Same As Traditional Braces

Are you wondering if there is a big difference between the looks of traditional and self-ligating braces? The two styles look pretty similar to each other in terms of size and color. The main difference is that you can put different colored elastic bands on traditional braces, which some kids enjoy doing as part of the process of correcting their teeth. They can switch out those colors at each adjustment appointment to change things up for a bit with a fun new color. 

Contact an orthodontist to learn more about self-ligating braces.