Stuck Without A Toothbrush? Keep Your Smile Clean With These Quick Tips

You unpack at the hotel and don't find it, head out on a camping trip and forget to pack it, find yourself with less-than-clean teeth during a long day at work--not having a toothbrush on hand can make you feel like your smile is dirtier than ever. While some people resort to scrubbing their teeth with the backside of their sleeve or a napkin, there are actually some pretty easy ways to brush your teeth or get them cleaner even when you don't have a toothbrush on hand. Read More 

Dental Problems That Can Require Tooth Extraction

While tooth extraction is becoming less common with modern advances in dentistry, there are still some cases where the damage to a tooth is too great and the only option is to have it pulled. Here are some dental problems that can make tooth extraction a necessary procedure. Impacted Teeth A tooth is said to be impacted when its growth is obstructed and it cannot fully emerge from the gums. Impaction is a common problem with wisdom teeth, although it can happen to any tooth depending on your dental anatomy and genetic factors that affect the development of the teeth. Read More 

4 Little-Known Things That Cause Dental Problems

The best way to care for your dental health is to do more than brush your teeth and visit your dentist; you should also know what can potentially be causing problems and how to avoid it. Here are four little-known things that may cause dental problems: Birth Control Pills: Birth control pills are used by many women for the sole reason that they protect against pregnancy. However, they can also be used for maintaining hormone balance in the body. Read More 

What Parents Should Know About Mouthguards

Mouthguards are often highly recommended when playing contact sports. They can also help to protect the teeth from dental issues like grinding and clenching. Before you get your child mouthguards, here's all you need to know about them. Not Enough Children Wear Them Mouthguards protect the teeth from harm, but not enough parents are using them. Delta Dental Plans Association called for research into the area, only to find that children who play contact sports and those dangerous to the mouth aren't wearing the right protection. Read More 

Can Mouthguards Help Prevent Cavities?

Tooth grinding is typically viewed as a painful nuisance, as it increases jaw tension and tooth pain. However, if you're struggling with grinding your teeth, you might be surprised to learn that it's putting your oral health at risk in other ways, too. Read on to learn how mouthguards can protect you from severe oral health problems if you grind your teeth. The Effects of Tooth Grinding Tooth grinding can stress the muscles in your jaw and cause pain, but it can also seriously harm your teeth. Read More