How To Prepare For Dental Implant Surgery

If you have one or more missing teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Unlike a crown, which is secured over a remaining portion of tooth after a root canal, a dental implant is attached directly to your jawbone. Even though dental implants can be more costly than crowns, they are very durable and sometimes last a lifetime. Advantages Another advantage of dental implants is that they are almost identical to natural teeth for a flawless look. Read More 

Things To Consider When Getting Veneers

Being unfortunate enough to have a severely compromised smile can be one of the most embarrassing cosmetic issues that any people will face. Having a poor smile can severely degrade a person's attractiveness and it can lead to them having serious self-confidence issues when speaking in front of groups. Veneers are among the quickest and easiest solutions for repairing a host of different types of tooth damage. Know The Cosmetic Issues That Veneers Can Correct Read More 

The Purpose And Construction Of Dental Veneers

When it comes to treating discolored, damaged, or otherwise unsightly teeth, dental veneers are one of the best cosmetic options currently available. Yet many people shy away from veneers simply because they do not understand what they consist of or how they are utilized. If you would like to learn more about this versatile technique, read on. This article will provide a useful overview to the subject of dental veneers. Read More 

Three Ways Sugarless Gum Can Help Your Teeth

There are a lot of things you probably already know about oral care. For example, you more than likely make sure you get in a couple good tooth brushing sessions a day and floss after meals. There's also a good chance that you even use mouthwash before you go to bed. However, one thing you may not know is just how much chewing sugarless gum can actually help your teeth. This article will teach you about three ways that sugarless gum can help your teeth stay in good shape much longer and even keep their nice and white look for longer periods of time. Read More 

How Using Too Much Mouthwash Can Be A Bad Thing

Using mouthwash is a great way to have fresher breath and it can also be helpful for keeping your teeth whiter, but did you know that using too much mouthwash can be a bad thing for your teeth, mouth, and health? Overusing mouthwash can lead to problems, and here are a few things you should understand about the effects too much mouthwash can have on your teeth and health. Your teeth may become more sensitive Read More