You Can Have a Beautiful Smile With Dentures

How to Deal With Initial Discomfort When Getting Braces

Braces are a rite of passage for many people. Braces help to straighten teeth, repair your bite, and help improve your overall oral health. Over time, you will get used to having braces on your teeth. The first week, however, may feel strange and uncomfortable. The following are some tips to help you during the first week after getting braces: Take a Pain Reliever as You Need It When you get braces, you may notice some slight discomfort within the first few days. Read More 

Oral Bacteria: Not a Good Thing

Not all bacteria are bad for you. However, almost all oral bacteria are harmful to your teeth and gums and need to just go away. To discover why bacteria in your mouth has such a bad reputation, read on and find out more. Bacteria and Mouths: Naturally Attracted to Each Other The human mouth is damp, warm, and sweet (pH-wise). Those three environmental conditions are the most attractive for bacteria to grow and thrive. Read More 

Pediatric Dental Issues Your Child May Need To Have Addressed

A parent can find the need to manage the various health needs of their children to be a significant and stressful challenge. While it is easy to focus on the child's vaccinations and other general healthcare needs, it is also important to be prepared for the dental issues that the patient may experience. Dental Injuries It is an unfortunate reality that children tend to be extremely accident-prone, and this can lead to them needing medical treatments for a number of different injuries or other problems that could occur. Read More 

How to Choose a New Dental Office

If you moved to a new area or want to switch to a new dentist, how do you find the right one? A dentist is an important professional to have in life, so you will want to pick one that you like. As you begin searching for a new dental office, here are some tips to help you find the right one. The Location The first thing you must think about is the location of the dental office. Read More 

What Needs To Happen When Your Baby Teeth Won’t Fall Out?

You probably have a few things from your childhood that you've hung onto for sentimental reasons. These might be a few toys, your favorite books from when you were growing up, or perhaps a souvenir from a childhood vacation. There's one thing from your childhood that you wouldn't have deliberately hung onto, and this is your primary (baby) teeth. Why exactly have some of your baby teeth refused to loosen and dislodge? Read More