Dental Problems You May Eventually Need To Address

While patients will often focus on cavities and missing teeth, there are a number of issues that patients may experience. Being informed about both the causes and the treatment options for these problems will be essential to limiting the damage that occurs to your mouth. Worsening Tooth Sensitivity Patients are often under the impression that tooth sensitivity is strictly the result of cavities. While cavities can weaken the exterior enamel of the tooth and make sensitivity worse, this is not the only issue that may be the cause of the tooth sensitivity. Read More 

Understanding Deep Cleanings

If your dentist has suggested that you receive a deep cleaning, you may feel a bit perplexed about the recommendation. After all, if you have been receiving routine dental cleanings, shouldn't they suffice? Here is a bit of information about deep cleanings to help you better understand them. What Happens During a Deep Dental Cleaning? A deep dental cleaning could be considered an extended version of a regular cleaning. During the procedure, the dentist carefully removes tartar from the teeth, including the areas along the gum line and in the interdental spaces. Read More 

Help Your Teen Keep Their Teeth Healthy

Sure, your teenager is basically an independent young adult. However, they still need a little extra direction from Mom or Dad, even when it comes to their oral health. While you might not have to take on the same role as you did when your child was younger, there are several things parents should do to protect their teens' mouth, teeth, and gums. Encourage Good Hygiene Teenagers have a lot more liberties and freedoms than younger children. Read More 

Should You Get The Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure Done?

You may be thinking of having your teeth professionally whitened at your dentist's office. It's possible you may have already tried at-home whitening products like toothpaste or bleaching gel, but might not be satisfied with the results. Professionally whitened teeth tend to have better results than at-home products, as they tend to be chemically stronger. You might have heard of Zoom teeth whitening and are considering trying it. Should you have this procedure done? Read More 

What To Do If You Suffer From Chronic Canker Sores

Canker sores are sores that develop inside a person's mouth. They are painful and can swell up and cause irritation; however, they typically are not harmful. Some people rarely develop canker sores in their mouths, but there are also people who have chronic canker sores. If you have chronic canker sores, there are several things you should know. The Cause of Canker Sores Most people do not even know the cause of canker sores, and researchers are not even fully sure what causes them, but they do know that there are certain factors that can be labeled causes of canker sores. Read More