3 Types of Dental Implants to Consider

If you've had one or more teeth removed, then you understand the challenges that come with having gaps in your mouth. Gaps can affect what and how you eat and they can also compromise the health of the nearby teeth. It's also hard to ignore the fact that a visible gap can alter your appearance significantly. This is why being able to get dental implants has been such a big deal for many people. Read More 

3 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants Over a Root Canal

For many years, root canal therapy was the treatment of choice whenever dentists encountered patients with problems such as advanced dental decay. With root canal therapy, the dentist is able to preserve the patient's natural tooth by removing the unhealthy pulp and replacing it with a filler. However, the introduction of dental implants has resulted in many dentists reconsidering their approach and many now recommend putting in implants instead of performing root canals. Read More 

2 Tips for Taking Care of Your Oral Health When You Have Diabetes

If you were recently diagnosed with diabetes, your mind is probably in a whirlwind as you learn about how to take care of yourself with this chronic condition. Also, you may be learning about all of the complications that come with the disease. While you are adapting to lifestyle changes, do not neglect your oral health, as diabetes can affect it just as much as your circulation, eyesight, and other systems. Read More 

Don’t Worry If Your Dentist Doesn’t Offer Same-Day Implants

If you're leaning toward getting dental implants and you've started to research the procedure online, you'll undoubtedly come across some clinics that advertise same-day services. Generally, you get dental implants over a series of appointments with gaps between them, but some clinics are able to perform the entire process in just one visit. If your local dental clinic doesn't offer same-day implants, this isn't a reason for concern, however. Here are some reasons that you shouldn't worry if your dentist doesn't offer same-day implants. Read More 

Using Veneers To Correct Common Dental Issues

Veneers can be an effective treatment for patients that need to correct teeth that have structural issues, severe discoloration or a range of other defects. As with other dental procedures, there are some important pieces of information that patients will need to have to be able to effectively evaluate whether veneers are the right option for achieving their desired smile. Why Would You Want To Opt For Porcelain Over Composite Veneers? Read More