2 Tips For Protecting Your Child Athlete’s Braces

With summer vacation around the corner, you need activities to help fill your child's days. For many children, that means summer sports teams or other athletic activities, like swimming. However, if your child got braces in the past year, you may be worried about how to keep your child's orthodontic work safe while they're playing. Tooth damage should always be a concern during physical activity, but tooth damage with braces – especially metal braces – should be particularly concerning, because the wires can cause severe damage to the lips and gums. Read More 

How To Make Your Dental Visit Tear-Free

Kids aren't usually happy about going to the dentist. They may feel a little apprehensive, and you may end up with a few tears along the way. You can make your child's dental visit less worrisome with a few helpful tips, and hopefully tear-free. See below for some helpful tips to use next time your child has a dental appointment. Prep Your Kids Taking them to the dentist by surprise isn't the way to go. Read More 

Healthy Smiles: Try Oral-Enhancing Homemade Licorice Candy

Everyone should enjoy a little sweetness without worrying about cavities. Thankfully, you can give your kids a piece of candy that will protect their teeth. And this candy is made from natural and simple ingredients, too. Oral-Enhancing Properties In Your Homemade Candy One of the ingredients in this recipe you should pay attention to is the raw honey. Honey is full of anti-bacterial properties that should help keep your kids mouth safe from cavities. Read More 

Why You Should Talk To Your Dentist About Oral Cancer

Are you a former smoker or chewer of tobacco? Does your family have a history of cancer? Here are some reasons to get an oral cancer screening from your dentist: Knowledge: Your dentist is trained to know what a normal mouth should look like. Their schooling taught them which oral irregularities are something to be concerned about. They know that their visual examinations can help to find if your taste buds are oddly shaped or swollen because of cancer, or if you have an infection treatable with antibiotics. Read More 

Try A Cavity-Busting, Dental-Enhancing Nutty Salad

Like other people, you enjoy a good salad from time to time. You know a salad can help you lose weight, but did you know that a salad can enhance your family's oral health, too? The following is a simple and tooth-friendly salad to try when you feel like having something light: Secrets Behind The Tooth-Friendly Salad This recipe calls for apples and strawberries. You want fresh strawberries and apples because of their high malic acid content. Read More